We build awesome tech in a fraction of the time & cost.

Save thousands on your tech and months of your time with Australia's leading no code team.


The No Code Revolution.

Get to market, get customers, get investment much faster than traditional development. Iterate easily based on customer feedback.


We built this...

Authentik was founded on the idea that in order to find happiness and fulfilment in life - one must first look inwards. ​ This can be a tricky process so Authentik is here to give you tools and guidance to support you on this journey.

It's been great to work with Authentik founder Tig, and we were so impressed with him, we decided to invest in Authentik through our founders fund.

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Hirey connects aged care workers and aged care facilities.

The Hirey app features a job dashboard for aged care workers, a worker profile dashboard for aged care facilities managers and an admin dashboard for the Hirey team to manage their platform.

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Travelling Tradies is a platform where venues and tradies can exchange accommodation for trade services.

Founder Adam got the terrible news that two people in his life took their own lives in the same week. Needing a reset, he decided to take a spontaneous trip to South America.

Using his skills as a Tradie he bartered his way around the world for 3 years, spending less than $12,000. This is what sparked the start of Travelling Tradies.

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Easy as 1 2 3.

A 30-min chat to get to know you and understand your tech needs.

You'll get a proposal outlining app features, time and cost. This is where you can see the power of no code!

Once approved, we start building, checking in with you every 1-2 weeks on the road to launch!

Your Questions.

What is No Code?


No code app development is building apps using platforms which require little or no coding. No code app building platforms allow us to build apps using drag and drop functionality.

Why No Code?


We build, deploy and manage custom software quicker because we build apps without having to do the actual coding. No code allows us to build you awesome tech in a fraction of the time & cost.

What No Code tools do you use?


We work with a variety of visual programming (no code) tools including Bubble, Zapier, Webflow, Wordpress, Airtable and many more. These tools allow us to complete projects 50-70% quicker and cost effective than traditional programming tools.

Do you manage the design for projects?


Yes, if this is something you need. We have multiple designers in our team who can advise on UI, but also anything ranging from branding to website design.

What types of products can you build?


We build all kinds of apps from dating apps to market places to Netflix for the theatre. Let's chat about your idea and we can show you how we can turn it into a reality. Book a call here.

Will you invest in my app through your founders fund?


We may invest in your startup, if yourself and the startup is a good fit for us. The way we find out if you're good fit, starts with a casual chat we call ta casual chat. Book a call here.

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