Get investment for your big idea.

We invest in a startup every week, up to $60K, and we invest super early, like when you first have your lightbulb moment. This is a super risky time for us to invest, so we want to get to know you and your idea a bit better. We've developed a pre-screening process to qualify you as a founder that Pitch will invest in.


All you need is an idea.

You don’t need a product, a website, a logo or branding. We invest in kick ass founders. We work closely with you, to upskill and grow your big idea.

The application process.
Get to know you.

We like to date before we marry, so let's get to know each other.

Where's your head at?

Let's dive into some research to understand the problem you're solving.

Time to talk tech.

Let's see how we can turn your idea into something tangible.


Build a pitch deck and showcase your big vision.


$200M of value
created in 2 years

We're here to empower awesome aussie founders.

A rockstar founder can smash through the application process in 3 weeks. We will analyse your progress throughout and on completion you will meet our investment committee. If we invest, we work closely with you to provide support, services, advice and hugs as we work together to make you the next big thing.

We're on the lookout to find the next generation of passionate, hustlers who think big, and are going to change the landscape of how we live.

Sound like you?

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