1. Our work is our play.
If you look forward to Fridays more than Mondays, it's time to make a change. The majority of your life is spent at work. Luckily, you get to decide what work is.
2. If it's not a f**k yeah, it's a no.
You don't have to struggle for hours to make decisions if you only choose to pursue what feels like an astounding F**k Yes!
3. Hugs not handshakes.
Let's be real... handshakes are awkward and outdated. Left-handed people with sweaty palms still need love. Bonus points if you hug us when we first meet.
4. See Problems For What They Are.
The top reason why products fail is that we spend needless time, money, and effort building something nobody wants. Problems, not solutions create spaces for innovation.
5. Test, Don't Guess.
Trusting your gut is fine... until it isn’t. Experiments, data, iteration and being incredibly close to your customer is the only way to create change.
6. Traction is King!
What is the one thing that both investors and entrepreneurs care about? It is traction. This is because traction is the best measure of a working business model.
7. Timing is everything.
Making the right step at the right time is recognising that time, not money, is our scarcest resource.
8. Chase The Energy.
Life is too short to waste time on the wrong stuff. We chase the ideas, people and experiences that fill us with energy.
9. 10x your vision.
There's a magical thing that happens when delusional thinking and humility collide. Convince yourself, convince others, then figure out how to make it happen.